Thursday, March 27, 2008

My package has arrived

An owl stopped by my house yesterday. It was bringing me my Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 4 package from Henrietta Sweeting.
I opened up my package and found an adorable bag. It is so cute and perfect and lovely Ravenclaw (movie) colors. It is the perfect vessel for a sock project. It is felted, so very sturdy and oh, so stylish.
I opened it up to see what wonderful things had been left inside. Some lovely stitch markers in a bag and two that came from the same place as the yarn. Lovely blue crackle beads and one with a smiling sun. And what is this? My first set of KnitPicks needles!!! Size ones. Very tempted to rip the ones I am using on my Viking sock out so I can switch them to these. But I am restraining. Otherwise, what would I use to knit up this amazing yarn?
Ta da. Unfortunately my mad picture taking skillz and lack of sunlight this morning did not allow me to take a picture where the flash wasn't reflected back to the camera in the tag. So I had to cut it out of the picture, but I wanted everyone to be able to see the color of the yarn. Isn't it georgous. It was dyed by Crazy4Dyeing. A 4-ply Socrates Merino Wool. So soft and squishy.

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Melzy Knits said...

I am glad you like it Cassandra! I sent the part that didn't get put in this week so hopefully you should get it soon!