Thursday, March 6, 2008

HOmework number 5

Okay, Ravenclaws, it's quiz time again! This time I want you to summon up all your creativity and develop a spell for the following situations. Just the name of your spell will do:

1. Do my homework for me. Homeworkus Finishus
2. Tidy up my bedroom. Underus dabedus
3. Make a delicious chocolate cake. Mortis by chocolus
4. Make my professor stay in bed today. Sicklius Professorus
5. I would like breakfast in bed, please. Eggus Baconus Hashbrownium
6. Stick all my Quidditch opponents' feet to the floor. Younoflyus
7. Give everyone the giggles. Rictusempra giggilus
8. Dye some yarn in my favorite color. Prettius Yarnus Everus
9. Unravel the mess I've made with my yarn. unravelum nowum
10. Knit my Prefect the perfect bag! Kittum Perfectus Prefectus

Good luck! A prize goes to one lucky Ravenclaw!UPDATE: Your spells will be due by midnight on Saturday, March 9, 2008. That will give you a couple days to relax and prepare for the all important Round Three of Quidditch which begins on March 12.


Emma Diggory said...

LOL! I love the spells you have come up with. Very clever indeed:)

Melzy Knits said...

I have your package all ready. I am just waiting for your needles to come in. Blah it's taking too long! hehe I can't wait to send it off to you! I am very proud of you and your socks!!! I love making socks. My family likes me to make socks for them too hehe. Hope your studies go well and you get some time for sewing and knitting!